Best of Festival Winner 2024
Live-Screening June 2024


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From the creators of the "Depth of Field International Film Festival," "Docs Without Borders Film Festival," " Women's International Film Festival," " Screenplay Competition," and "LGBTQ-Unbordered International Film Festival," among many other highly successful festivals, all under the umbrella of the " Entertainment Network," we bring you the "Religion Faith International Film Festival."

Faith- and family-based movies are becoming more popular in the movie business. Many directors are making movies with religious and family-related themes and messages. So, we made a religious film festival open to all religions to show and award these movies. RFIFF provides opportunities for filmmakers to share their works with audiences who appreciate faith-family-driven content

In today's world, where the idea of family is growing, it is important to have events that cater to a diverse audience. One way to do this is through RFIFF. We live screen our Best of Festival winners and online screen Best of Show, Outstanding Excellence, and Excellence winners on our network, (Optional)

We accept films worldwide that show respect for different cultures, traditions, and values while bringing people together.

Besides entertaining audiences, RFIFF provides an opportunity for education.

Faith and family-based films have increased recently, with more filmmakers exploring religious/family themes and messages through movies. Several things have led to this trend, such as a rise in the number of people who want to watch inspirational movies, improvements in technology that make it easier and cheaper to produce high-quality movies, and a greater acceptance of faith-based content in mainstream media.

Opportunities for sub-category awards include cinematography, score, original concept, direction, SFX, acting, writing, editing, and many more!

RFIFF, in cooperation with our distribution colleagues, is proud to offer a guaranteed distributor review to the top winners in these award levels in the major categories*:
"Best of Festival Award: Presented to an outstanding entry from among the Best of Show Winners in each production type."
"Best of Show" will be selected by genre and domestic/foreign), so there will be more than one BOS. BOS Documentary (domestic), BOS Documentary (foreign), etc.
"Award of Outstanding Excellence,"
*(If insufficient qualifying submissions within any category, WWIFF reserves the right to withdraw a "Best Of" presentation.)
Other award levels include:
"Award of Excellence"
"Award Of Exceptional Merit"
"Jury's Choice Award"
"Award Of Merit"
"Kudos Endeavor Award"

VERY IMPORTANT: All written material, i.e., screenplays, stage plays, poems, and novels, must be submitted to their respective category. DO NOT submit any written material to categories reserved for film/video, i.e., drama, Art-house, etc. doing so will get your submission rejected.
DO NOT submit film/video to screenplay or any written medium category, as it will also be rejected.
We hire professional readers/judges for all written materials, and they will not review videos.
We hire professional reviewers for videos, and they will not review written material.

The movies must have English subtitles (unless the spoken language is English).

There must be some inspirational, religious, or family theme included in all submissions. They need a spiritual component, even if they are not explicitly religious. It doesn't matter what religion they practice or where they live as long as their faith allows them to make wise choices for themselves, their families, and their communities. It doesn't matter what religion they practice or where they live as long as they make good decisions.

We don't screen films without the producer's written consent.

We only live-screen the Best of Festival winners.
Our screening event is to collect audience reactions to be used by our distributors. We don't conduct after-screening networking parties or seminars.
Video interviews of the viewing audience may be conducted and shown on

REFUNDS POLICY: In the event you withdraw your submission prior to being Officially Selected, you will receive a refund.
If you withdraw AFTER being Officially Selected, there will be NO refunds.
All our judges, (selection and awarding) are paid. We don’t use unpaid volunteers.

Your project name will appear in the Official Selection list only if you have submitted the entire film into one of the 13 Major Categories.

We give feedback to films and screenplays that get rejected, then we give them time to fix the problems and re-submit again for free.

To ensure that each screenplay is read, studied, and rated individually, WRPNSC has instituted a system where entries do not compete against each other but are recognized for their merits.
They compete against themselves: each entry is judged on individual merits and scored on an inherent value system.

The judge's focus is on your screenplay when it is your turn to be evaluated, not on all the other scripts that are on cue; this ensures that they will not have comparisons going on in their minds when they should focus entirely on YOU.

Screenplays are accepted from anywhere in the world but in English only.

- Screenplays must be in PDF format and submitted electronically through FilmFreeway only

- Every submitted script must include a title page with contact information.
- A treatment is optional (but helpful)

- RFIFF accepts:

-Unproduced and produced feature-length screenplays between 70 and 130 pages.
-Unproduced and produced short screenplays 40 pages and under.
-Unproduced and produced Teleplays and Webisodes of 45 to 70 pages.
-Unproduced and produced Webisodes of 10 to 20 pages.

- No limit to the number of original scripts you submit. Duplicate entries will be automatically disqualified.

- Substitutions will be accepted not later than 45 days prior to festival's end date

- The decisions of the judges are final and shall not be disputed.

- Top winners understand that there is no guarantee of representation or production deals by our associates.

-If your screenplay or novel is rejected, we will tell you the reason (s), and you’ll have a chance to re-submit up to 30 days before the last deadline or the following season for free.